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Create Workspace and Start Development


This blog is part of Learn SAP® Cloud Platform Workflow Professional Development Course here.

 In this Blog, we will create and Develop a Simple Workflow from Scratch

Part 1:  Start Workflow Development by setting up the Workspace and Plugin


  •  Step 1: In this case, we have created a separate Workspace in Full Stack Web IDE so that our other projects will be managed.


  • Step 2: As we can see in below image after the selection of Workspace Manager click on Create. We can provide any name for our new Workspace.

Note: Every time when we create new Workspace again we have to Enable all the Services for the new Workspace.

  • Step 3: Enter into the new Workspace which we created and Enable the Workflow.


Part 2: Creating project

Now click on the Development tab </>  in the new Workspace. After that click on file>>new>>project from a template.

  • Step 1: In the category, select Business Process Management and >>select Workflow, in that click on next(as shown in below image).


  • Step 2: Provide name of the Workflow project>>Provide name also, description is not mandatory.



Note: The empty project will be created, with folder structure.


Part 3: Creating events in a project

  • Step 1: Select start event>>select events>> select service task>>



  • Step 2: In Service Task there are some mandate fields which we need to provide.



  • Step 3: In Destination put the name of the Service which we have created in HANA® on Demand Cockpit. Select Method name to POST or GET, a path will be the suffix of the Northwind.

Destination : Northwind
Choose a service from: other
Path: /v3/northwind/northwind.svc/Products(3)?$format=json
Http Method : Get
Response Variable : ${context.product}


  • Step 4: Now we need to deploy the Workflow. To Deploy, just right click on the Workflow and select deploy on SAP® Cloud Platform Workflow.


  • Step 5: After successfully deployed to the portal we have to do activities, for that we need to start the portal. To do that we need to go to HANA® on Demand>>Services>>Portal>>go to service as shown in the image.


  • Step 6: It will open a new tab. In that site, we have to open Site Directory.


  • Step 7: In that portal either we can create a new site directory or we can use the default one. In this case, we are going to use the default one.



  • Step 8: As we can see there is a link in the default site directory, click on that and it will redirect us on another Portal again where we will see three most important feature for Workflow.
    One is My Inbox, and another two is Workflow Instance and Workflow Definition.
  • Step 9: There we have to select the user icon>>app finder>>All. In that portal select pin to home all three apps My Inbox, Workflow Definition, and Workflow Instance. So that they will appear on Home Page.



  • Step 10: After the selection, those 3 apps would be present on the Home Page.



  • Step 11: Click Workflow Definitions we will see our app in the list in the left panel. After that click on start new Instance.


  • Step 12: Click on new Instance a prefilled data will be there (if we noticed that on above, where we are putting hardcoded product id in the path so it will give for that particular id).

Path: /v3/northwind/Northwind.svc/Products(3)?$format=json


  • Step 13: After that, we have to check whether it’s showing an error or it’s successfully done.




  • Step 14: As we can see the above the data we get in Context.
  • Step 15: Now if we want the data should come Dynamically like if we pass Id of a product, we get the same data for that Id.
  • Step 16: For that, we need to do some change in the existed path.
    Here’s the code just paste it in the path.


Step 17: Now change the data in an Instance in the Workflow Definition. Now if we put the Id 11, we will get the data based on productId 11.


  "ProductId": 11 

This blog is part of Learn SAP® Cloud Platform Workflow Professional Development Course here.

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Enable Workflow in SCP

This blog is part of Learn SAP® Cloud Platform Workflow Professional Development Course here.


In this Blog, we will see how to Enable Workflow in SCP first create Technical Setup

Part 1: Enable Workflow in SCP first create Technical Setup

  •  Step 1: First go to SAP® Cloud Platform Cockpit and click on Neo Trial.


  •  Step 2: Then go to the Services. Search for Portal in the search box and click on Portal.


  • Step 3: And then Enable Portal.


  •  Step 4: Again go to the service section and search for Workflow, click on the Workflow section.
  •  Step 5: Now Enable Workflow after selection of Workflow section.


  •  Step 6: Now go to the service part in the same window in Workflow.


  • Step 7: We will see two different part in the left panel that is destination and roles. In that panel, We have to enter in roles. In that section, we will see multiple roles and we need to assign roles to our id.


  • Step 8: Now select the single role and click on assign as shown in fig after that it will ask the id, we have to provide our id in that. In the same way, we have to assign all roles to our account or PID.



Part 2: After Enabling Workflow in SCP now create a destination for external OData service in our hanatrial.ondemand  account.

  • Step 1: Go to the destination tab on the left side of the account homepage.


  •  Step 2: After the click on the destination, select new destination.



  • Step 3: We can use the below image as a reference to fill the destination. Name of the destination can be anything according to our project.

Name: Northwind Type: 
HTTP Description: NorthwindOData Service URL: Proxy Type: 
Internet Authentication: NoAuthentication
WebIDEEnabled: true 
WebIDESystem: Northwind_Data 
WebIDEUsage: odata_gen



  • Step 4: After completing the destination step, select Full Stack Web IDE in the Workflow as shown in below figure.


This blog is part of Learn SAP® Cloud Platform Workflow Professional Development Course here.


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3 Reason to Care about End-to-End Solution Development

1.Work on your own initiatives and be independent
A solution starts with an idea which becomes a proposal and soon it translates into work. In enterprise software development where projects are long and scope is large, people become risk averse so they propose new idea with either a PoC (proof of concept) or a demo. These PoC’s and demos is the key that sells more than your words. Action speaks louder than your words and these demos are what even your customer will demand before they invest in your new idea.
Most of the time PoC and demos are built for solutions which are pushing some boundaries or are cutting edge i.e. based out of new technologies, concept or way of working. And the engineering teams who build these are the ones who play a major role in driving the entire project effort. While building these demos you might not have access to the resources, teams or even company money to host your server sometimes. Sometimes you have to generate own data to demonstrate the idea on systems. In those scenarios you need to have end to end understanding of systems to build or help build, present and impress the customer.


2.Knowledge is power and experience is potential
image090 V2
Mastering your craft and becoming the go to person of your floor don’t only attract promotions but also a respect for you. You feel much more confident and your awareness is high, much higher than Tim on the next building who has a monthly subscription of the Most Tech-Trending technology magazine and thinking about starting his own startup but never completed the App because in Tech-Trending technology magazine don’t cover how to code what runs your App.
You also don’t have to work on everything which you learnt but having a deep understanding helps you speak from your experience and not guessing in your monthly meeting where your Boss Mike always ask you “What do you think about this solution?”
You mentor people, you in go in L&D Team training as guest lecturer, you take brown bag session for other employees of your company and before taking any major technology decision the C Suit always invites you to review it. That kind of position is having a fulfillment of its own. And at the end of the day when you are sleepy you remember your day and feel good about your life and even the next day.
3.Work is not always simple on other side of the edge


startup-photos (1)


  • When you are aware about end to end development, you know exactly what the integration developer will do to your Backend code and how the UI team will use API’s to run your backend development. You design the backend code such that the UI teams thanks you because you are returning the object which is exactly the same data structure which the Table view in front end is made of because you know the UI team can directly bind the data in model.
  • You can take important decision keeping in mind front end, integration, backend and long term requirement of the project and your customer always consults you before anyone for any major question on the project.


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CORE or No CORE, there is no Try!

Let’s understand what actually is CORE. Why did we name it CORE?
CORE stands for Create your Own Recommendation Engine. What we have experienced in enterprise is machine learning and big data are the technology where major new developments are being made and these are the consultants who are not only future ready but are also making a lot of money in current projects as well.
To give you a number, it is about 80 to 90 % of the projects where people are working on a Big Data challenge and in fact big data and machine learning are growing together and they have gone hand in hand too and there is no other way to do it, because machine learns better when you train them with large data set. The real challenge, the Million dollar question is how to do it in real time and where can it fit in your business. It is like your first salary, you don’t know what to do with it.
When you are using an application where entire data which is acquired over a period of 30 or 40 years or may be 5 years of data or even 1 year of data .In this case the challenge is much harder to solve because it becomes a big data problem and the tools necessary to solve them are completely different. Even a simple task of sorting 10 million records or just 1 million records can become a big data challenge far along making it do what your customer wants, which is like racing a bunch of horse with spoon in mouth and making sure the potato on it doesn’t fall.
The next thing is machine learning. Here, if you can’t really use the power of a computer and take advantage of its ability to learn then it can’t help you be more productive. I mean no disrespect here but in that case there is no difference in you and Billy who lives next door and still thinks unicorns are real.
To understand the seriousness of the situation you might have to look into who might use it. Consider it the dragons used in Games of Thrones; if you have dragons just 3 of those then you can defeat the entire army of 10,000 men or more. Machine Learning is that dragon if you know how to use it. You might not fly with it or say cool commands while riding it but you still need to know the commands to start your ML tasks right?
When it comes to real competition any big company having a known rival, and they need to keep themselves one step ahead because sometimes it is winners who take it all and losing means a lot. Imagine you are a FMCG company and you launched a product in a new market and want to make sure the 23.7 Million USD you invested to make that product go live and available in store gives you return and also take off. You also need to make sure of what if scenarios. In your successful campaigns, knowing what will happen and getting prepared for it before hand is all the difference it makes.
It can happen that you spend 30% of the budget marketing, hiring a big celebrity to endorse the product and create an awesome advertisement. If the product took off and suddenly you realized that the container on which it is sent cannot be produced on large quantity because the raw material is out of stock. And it takes month to get a new stock of raw material as the plastic you use have a special procedure of manufacturing which is fermentation and it takes 3 months for manufacturing. In that case if you are a marketing manager or production manager who was marked in CC of every email for this new product launch better start looking for a new job and good luck if they ask you the question – why did you leave your previous Job?
The entire point here is, it is real for businesses when they put money on any new endeavor which can be an investment from their part and failures have consequences. Your solution can make all the difference if it is done right or it is not done right. It can be the root cause of you and your company winning most innovative business award or becoming an example which they teach in business school of what not to be!

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7 Weeks of Project CORE, What it is going to make you?

Project CORE is an enterprise grade application which combines the power of Machine Learning of Big Data and delivers to your enterprise capability to run on demand with Integration to ERP MRP (Material Resource Planning) Integration.
In the following week you will:

  • Become an expert in Angular4 and you will be able to call yourself an experienced UI developer with it.


  • Get hands-on experience behind the technical jargons of Machine Learning and put the concepts into practice in day to day life. Never before in a project, you might have utilized it and to be honest it is not an easy task to process such large data sets. It took us almost 2 days to run the entire training set on our own local system. And as wisely said… “If you want to rise, do the difficult”.


  • Know the Integration of your Big Data solution which is running on Hadoop Spark, a powerful system to take care of scaling of data, its processing and all the wheels and whistles of Big Data you might have read in the newspaper, which hangs at your office’s entry gate. Ever wondered why they keep the tech journal in the newspaper and not in the Filmfare, it is because they want you to focus on work, not on the next movie which is being released. You see management just wants you to read what they want you to read. Ok, let’s stick to the issue in hand.


  • Get to know insides of working of SAP ERP with MRP. MRP is one of the most crucial activities which a production company does to manage its future production and the difference between doing it right and not doing it right can cost millions of dollars.

Get to know about the SAPUI5 application building which is all about what goes where, you have pre built components in UI5, all you need to know to become a good UI5 developer is

  • Know what all components you have
  • How to Use it
  • When to Use what

The last one is most important because most of the time you end up hating you customer because they want a sap.m.Table instead of sap.m.List because, list is list and tables are tables. Anyway if you don’t get that joke please go through our SAPUI5 Professional Development.
So these are top advantage what Project CORE is going to offer you!
Some people come into this world wondering why and other have the curiosity to ask why not!
Project CORE is designed to keep that curiosity alive in you that you might have lost and that might not be true in your case but is it worth asking.