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3 Reason to Care about End-to-End Solution Development

1.Work on your own initiatives and be independent
A solution starts with an idea which becomes a proposal and soon it translates into work. In enterprise software development where projects are long and scope is large, people become risk averse so they propose new idea with either a PoC (proof of concept) or a demo. These PoC’s and demos is the key that sells more than your words. Action speaks louder than your words and these demos are what even your customer will demand before they invest in your new idea.
Most of the time PoC and demos are built for solutions which are pushing some boundaries or are cutting edge i.e. based out of new technologies, concept or way of working. And the engineering teams who build these are the ones who play a major role in driving the entire project effort. While building these demos you might not have access to the resources, teams or even company money to host your server sometimes. Sometimes you have to generate own data to demonstrate the idea on systems. In those scenarios you need to have end to end understanding of systems to build or help build, present and impress the customer.


2.Knowledge is power and experience is potential
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Mastering your craft and becoming the go to person of your floor don’t only attract promotions but also a respect for you. You feel much more confident and your awareness is high, much higher than Tim on the next building who has a monthly subscription of the Most Tech-Trending technology magazine and thinking about starting his own startup but never completed the App because in Tech-Trending technology magazine don’t cover how to code what runs your App.
You also don’t have to work on everything which you learnt but having a deep understanding helps you speak from your experience and not guessing in your monthly meeting where your Boss Mike always ask you “What do you think about this solution?”
You mentor people, you in go in L&D Team training as guest lecturer, you take brown bag session for other employees of your company and before taking any major technology decision the C Suit always invites you to review it. That kind of position is having a fulfillment of its own. And at the end of the day when you are sleepy you remember your day and feel good about your life and even the next day.
3.Work is not always simple on other side of the edge


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  • When you are aware about end to end development, you know exactly what the integration developer will do to your Backend code and how the UI team will use API’s to run your backend development. You design the backend code such that the UI teams thanks you because you are returning the object which is exactly the same data structure which the Table view in front end is made of because you know the UI team can directly bind the data in model.
  • You can take important decision keeping in mind front end, integration, backend and long term requirement of the project and your customer always consults you before anyone for any major question on the project.