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My new year Resolution for 2017


UI5CN is a learning platform and the highest form of knowledge we can acquire is wisdom. We might be in many different situations, many plans may be there in our mind, many challenges we can foresee for that plan to become reality. But the big question is not what is stopping us or may stop us but what keeps us going. And the inner why, which is the reason we do what we do.

Let it tell us not to settle for less and it is not ok to, not to strive for greatness.

So let’s start the New Year with new possibility and believe to be more than what we were.

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The Millennials – Exploring the World of the Largest Living Generation


It was my first job at a reputed MNC and I was excited, the culture of the organization was so much different it was vibrant and diverse. One thing which I found that the average age of the organization was quite low which was around 28 at that time, most of the workforce was comprised of people, what we refer as to as Millennials. Born between the early 1980s and 2000, the millennials are the youngest (and on several occasions, the largest) generation at work today.

There is a distinct way in which Millennials think, want to work and want to be lead. I could easily experience that people who were Generation X and Baby boomers, who were mostly in the leadership role were finding it a little challenging to deal with majority Millennials. That gave me the motivation to know more about them and how to effectively work with them. This has made my life so much easier now because a majority of my co-worker were Millennials. Even though I am a Millennial too, just sticking to management book and old school way of leading team created a discrepancy.

In this video, Author of the book The Millennials – Exploring the World of the Largest Living Generation Subramanian S. Kalpathi has addressed the issues related to Millennials in the workplace today with lots of case study and real life examples.