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C3.js and Chart.js taking OpenUI5 visualization to next level

Most of the customers using UI5 are pretty amazed by the visualization and nice interactive reports they can see using UI5.

UI5  javascript libraries opens up a huge realm of possibilities.

d3 chart images.001


If you have seen D3JS then you would be wondering, is there something which can not be done by D3JS.




This we all will agree who have tried in some point or other to work with it, that the time to learn it compare to other JS library is little high.If you have used sap.viz library in your UI5 project before then you might know it as well that it also uses d3 internally.

char.js ui5

Recently there were also attempt to integrate C3.js and Chart.js libraries with UI5.The Github project is called custom controls for charting.This also looks pretty amazing and it is responsive as well.

We will soon give this new JS library mashup a try and tell you the result !